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All facial treatments come with a complimentary skin scanner analysis

Once your complimentary skin care analysis has been done and we have fully discussed your concerns and needs; Our staff will create and perform a customized skin care treatment for you. This will be done with Dermalogica or Sundari skincare Products.

Vida Spa



Vida Dermalogica Signature Facial (60Mins)


Our Dermalogica Signature Facial is remedy for your healthy glowing skin. It nourishes and smoothens your skin complexion.

Soothe & Calming Facial (75mins)

Facial treatment of inflamed, sensitive skin that triggers and give serious relief of damage skin problems.


Deep Cleansing Facial (75mins)


Intense purifying treatment regulate problematic oily skin, includes exfoliate steaming and extraction. The treatment is suitable for those who are suffering from breakouts cause by hormonal and environmental change.


Ultimate Deep Cleansing Facial (90mins)


Design to promote treatment for skin regeneration and healing process that helps to stimulate your collagen production for firming and healthier skin.

Anti- aging Age Smart Facial (75mins)

The facial design to promote deep nourishment to chronically dry & dehydrated skin. The result of healing process of mature & dull looking skin is to refresh, boost anti-oxidant and improves elasticity of the skin

Add on Eye and Lip Treatment


Other Services

VIda Spa


Vida Sundari Signature Facial (60mins)


Design to ensure nourishment and moisture level for healthy hydrated skin.


Sundari Deep Cleansing Facial (75mins)


Intense cleansing facial, exfoliation of dead skin cells, steaming, extraction, massage and cooling mask for healthy glowing skin.


Sundari Ultimate Healing Detox Facial (90mins)


Design to promote mature and demanding skin. The treatment is to enhance firming and moisture balance.

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